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Direct Support

Jayanti, 16

„I will work hard to succeed in my goals.“

Benötigte Dauerspenden:

50€ per month - school fees

20€ per month - school material

Benötigte Einmalspenden:

250€ - entrance fee for the school

500€ - scooter to reach school

200€ - mobile phone (necessary to attend online classes)

I’m Jayanti from a small village Dabi in Ranchi, where no facilities are there, nothing. I lived with my family for the first 5 years of my life and then I lived with my aunt. My family didn´t have financial resources, so they transfered me to the NGO. I was 6 years old and I was very far from my family and my mom, dad and siblings. I have never seen my youngest sister. I faced a lot of problems in adjustment, because at that time I didn’t know any Hindi. I started studying in a good school and I was good in all the subjects. My favourites were English, Social Science and Biology. In the end of 2020 I was suddently sent back to my Aunt, in the hope that my family could take care of me. But my dad doesn´t earn much as a farmer and my mom goes to the forest every day to bring wood. This is why I couldn´t complete 10th class. I want to finish school at the NIOS School. It is the only one that allows me to get admission in 10th class. It is really very difficult form me.


I’m an adventurous girl. I love to meet new people and to know about them. If anyone helps me and motivates me then I put 100% in that work. I work very hard for it, to succeed my goal, I can do everything. My dream is to change my family´s circumstances. I want to do a job in the travelling induytry or in the field of tourism. I want to support my siblings, I want to fulfill them any wish.