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Direct Support

Das sind die Mädchen, die Unterstützung brauchen:

Alka, 18 Jahre
„I want to become a successful working woman.“

Benötigte Dauerspenden:
800€ pro Jahr oder 66€ pro Jahr
- Schulgebühren/ School fee

50€ pro Jahr - Schulbücher + Material/ School books and study material

20€ pro Monat - Unterstützung für die Familie/ Support for the family  

50€ pro Monat - Ausbildung der Geschwister/ Education programs for the siblings

Benötigte Einmalspenden:
- Ärztliche Behandlung der Mutter/ Treatment for the Mother

200€ - Laptop

1.000€ - Scooter

I am Alka. I live with my mother and two siblings in Bangalore. My father died when I was a baby. My mother works hard as a maid to feed us. But as soon as she has too much pain, which happens a lot, she can´t work. These days Corona makes everything hard. There is no social system to support us.
I grew up in a NGO for 10 years. They gave me the chance to be safe, healthy and to study in a good school. However, I had to leave this spring after finishing my 10th class. Now it is my dream to complete the last two years of school and to continue studies after this. I am the only one in my family who ever went to school.

My dream is to become a successful working woman. Therefor, I want to finish college or university in business or management studies, to work later as a manager. Organizing, taking on responsibility and to speak out for others has been my talent and passion since I am young. I want to make the best out of this in my professional life and earn a livelihood for my family as well. Some of my family members in Bangalore are garbage collectors, which is a very hard job with a low earning. There is no money left for my younger brother and sister to go to school or learn a profession. Donations for them would mean that they can stop helping with collecting garbage and start a brighter future.

Explanation of donations
In shortterm most important is to get Alka`s school fee financed and the additional costs for books and the material. Moreover, a scooter is needed to go to school as she lives far from public transport and as it´s the safest being a girl. In the longterm a laptop will be needed. Additionally, health care for her mother and educational courses for the siblings will help the family to get a better life quality.

Nuruksha, 18 Jahre
„I want to study to support my family in the future.“

Benötigte Dauerspenden:
2.500€ pro Jahr oder 209€ pro Monat
- Schulgebühren + Internatleben/ school fees + boarding school

30€ pro Monat – Grundnahrungsmittel + Ärztliche Versorgung der Familie/ food + medical support for the family

20€ pro Monat – Ausbildung der Familie/ education support for the family

Benötigte Einmalspenden:
100€ - Reisekosten nach Bangalore/ Travel Costs to Bangalore

I am Nuruksha. I come from a poor family from a village with a backward mindset, or as they call it: "Education is a waste of time for females.“ My father wanted sons, as every family in India, to have the financial support. Unlucky he is, he got me, my 6 sister and one younger brother. My family survives with the peoples leftovers. My little sisters use to sleep with their stomachs empty. I grew up with one of them, Nisha, in an NGO for the last 9 years. First we refused to eat, knowing that our family back home was kept hungry. But luckily we adapted and got what´s most important regarding our background: School education. Starting late, with 9 years old, and sharing a small apartment with 12 other girls, I managed to keep it up and pass exams. Since leaving the NGO one year ago, I was struggling a lot by trying to keep up with school, caring for the many problems of my family in the village, living in Delhi on my own with my younger sister and still keeping up with school. My mother now living alone with her children as our father left us, is facing huge food problems and fighting against her neighbors, who have an eye on her house. She is in danger, to lose it to them, due to the fact, that she is a women. 


My dream is to finish my last two years of school and then either to become a lawyer and take care of things on my own or specialize in humanities. So I can focus on social justice and women empowerment. I want to take care of my family financially and empower my siblings to realize their dreams. I want to see my mother smiling and knowing, that she is not alone. I don´t want to see my mother or siblings with empty stomach anymore. I would be the happiest if I can fully concentrate on my studies with help of the donations. Fulfilling my dreams for myself and my family. 

Explanation of Donations
The plan is to send Nuruksha and her sister Nisha to Bangalore. The quality of education, the help by a supporting family down there, the healthier life environment and the distance from the daily problems and pressures of the family in and around New Delhi will help them, to focus well on their studies. The decision for a boarding school was made, to help them focusing on studies away from daily life responsibilities such as maintaining a household in such a young age. They will be able to enjoy free time activities such as music and sports. Especially for the younger sister, Nisha, it can help to build up qualifications in sports and other practical activities for her professional life later, as she does not see herself in an academic education after school.

Nisha, 15 Jahre
„I want to keep sharing my joy in the future!“

Benötigte Dauerspenden:
2.500€ pro Jahr oder 209€ pro Monat
- Schulgbebühren + Internatsleben/ school fee + boarding school

Benötigte Einmalspenden:
100€ - Travel Costs to Bangalore

I am Nisha, Nurukshas sister. I want to keep living with her and go on the same boarding school. I lived for the last 9 years in a NGO were I finished my 8th class.

My dream is to finish my last 4 years of education and specialize in sports at the same time as it is a big talent of mine. In the past I wasn`t able to practise much sport beside school, but it was always a big dream of mine. I am good in sports and I am never more happy, so I want for my professional live later to teach sports for example. I like to keep moving in my life.

Explanation of donations
Nisha should take a train with Nuruksh
a to Bangalore, where you can find a better school system and surrounding as well as support from a Alka`s family. Most important is to raise the money for the borading school fast as the new year already started, so she won`t miss too much.